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Override scroll

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A really easy to use Joomla Extension developed by team Joomlavi allows you to make articles and extensions more compact or stylist by turning them into scroll form. This plugin will help you create a scroller at anywhere in your site

JV Override work flow:

1. Download the extension

2. Install the extension

3. Enable the plugin.

4. Determine which element(s) you would like to create scroller

5. Inspect the element on the page to find ID or Class of the element

6. Add the ID or Class to selector in Plugin Manager Page.

7. Config parameters, get done, check on front end

- ID's are unique, therefore if you only want to create scroller for only one element, you should manually add ID to the element. For example, in this guide, I only want to apply scroller to this article so I added the unique ID "jvoverridescroll" to this article.

- Classes are not unique, if you add class to "Selector" in plugin configuration, the scroller will be applied into all elements containing the class. So you need to be careful while doing this.

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