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JV News

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JV Shopper - Hikashop template

JV Shopper – a responsive template for Joomla 2.5 & 3.2, designed mainly for sports shops, but can easily be used for other online shops.


JV Conquer - Beautiful template for business

 JV Conquer is a full responsive Joomla template dedicated for Businesses, but you can alter this beautiful template to make it suitable for anything else. This template is flat and clean with a sensible layout structure.


JV Bookstore - Responsive template for Joomla 3

As being designed especially for online book shops, JV BookStore will definitely create an e-shop which book-lovers would like to visit frequently with flexible and powerful shopping cart component – Hikashop. 


JV Fashion - Responsive ecommerce template for Joomla 3

JV Fashion  - Reponsive template for Joomla 3 -  Released in July - Supports Hikashop, K2, Megamenu , JV Slidepro and a lot of other features