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Before going to the Theme detail, we would like to introduce three main conceipts: What is the Position?, What is the Shortcode ? And What is the Module?

  1. Module : We provide you 10 basic modules to show some different functions such as: Instagram, Link List (included 5 samples ), Latest Posts ( Included 5 samples), Information, Simple Products ( Included 5 samples), Content ( Being used to display texts in types of Tabs or Accordion), Progressbar, Piechart, Counter, Newsletter. Thus, you will have more than +20 modules in total, Module will be loaded within Shortcode and Gird part of Footer. Configure Module


  2. Shortcode : We provide you 20 Basic Shortcodes to show the major functions for Homepage and About Us page, for instance: Group Products ( Included 5 samples ), Product Tabs, Featured collections, Logo Partner, Team, Pricing Table, Portfolio Slider, Portfolio Special, Banner, Service 1, Service 2, About Us 1 , About Us 2, Testimonials, Latest Posts, Purchase, Counter, Grid 1 ( load Module), Grid 2 ( load Module), Custom text. Moreover, you can easily load Module in Shortcode. As a consequence, there are more than + 20 Shortcodes for you to utilize in your theme. Configure Shortcode


  3. Position : The main task of Position is load 1 Shortcode to present content in block content. In addition, you can adjust neccessary parameter for 1 block content like : Full content, Class Suffix, Heading, Description, Text color, Heaing color, Background color, Background image, Parallax and the Overlay with blurred effect. Configure Position


  4. Summary: Once clearly knowing how we do and then managing theme yourself, you will realize our method is extremely perfect.

Install Theme

Installation Safari Theme is easy and quick.

If you already had the Shopify site and want to apply the theme to your site, follow the instruction below:


1. In your backoffice go to: YOUR STORE > THEME:

Click: Upload a theme

Click: Upload

2. In your backoffice go to: YOUR STORE > THEME . At Unpublished themes section:

Click: Publish

Theme Update

The current version is 1.0, we will make an effort to give you some examples about how to update those versions below:( EX : version 1.0 to 1.3 )

To update theme, please follow some steps below:

  1. Download theme file to your computer
  2. Extract theme
  3. Go to download package from TF -> Content -> Update theme (There are many folders in this package up to the quantity of versions.)
  4. Choosing 1 folder which suitable with your current theme. EX : jv-Safari v1.0 to v1.3
  5. Then copy all things in it.
  6. Pase it into your current theme at Step 2
  7. Zip theme
  8. Upload theme your store
  9. Done

Note : Please copy these files which you have customized before to private place, then backup your site before updating.


We provide 6 header styles for theme. Firstly, you will choose header style default for theme, then please go to Homepage and choose header for homepage.

1. Header style 1

2. Header style 2

1. Header style 3

2. Header style 4

1. Header style 5

2. Header style 6

2. Header Content

2.1. Social - Top menu

2.2. Text - Currency - Cart

4. Login and register

YOUR STORE > Settings > Checkout .

1. Structure Navigation

2. Megamenu


1. About me

2. Banner AD

3. Contact

4. Blog search

5. Faqs

6. Flick

7. Information

8. Instafeed

9. Newsletter

10. Progressbar

11. Simple products

12. Testimonials

13. Twitter


1.Big sale

2. Counter

3. Custom text

4. Feature custom 1

5. Feature custom 2

6. Featured collections

7. Grid 1

8. Grid 2

9. Hotdeal

10. Latest posts

11. Lookbook

12. Lookbook collections

13. Newsletter

14. Partner

15. Portfolio

16. Products 1

17. Products 2

18. Products 3

19. Service

20. Tab custom

21. Tab product

22. Team

23. Testimonials

24. Why choose us


1. Base Param

Autoplay : If the value is empty, autoplay mode will be disable. In milliseconde (ms). Ex 6000

Pause On Hover : When hovering to slideshow it will top autoplay

Select Effect : Choosing effect when changing item slideshow

Show Pagination ? :Show Pagination

Show Navigation : Show Navigation

Slideshow Height : Fix height Slideshow

2. Base Video MP4

Control : Check - show control bar

Muted : Check - use sound

Loop :Check - loop item

Preload : Check - preload item

Fix height 100% : For Video can be shown Full Slideshow, no need to check this Param. You video will be displayed upto different size. So if users need to view Control bar, they will have to check here.

3. Item Slideshow

Firstly, we offer to you many options for slideshow: Youtube , Mp4, Soundcloud, Text.

We've checked and managed priority orders if you enter all options at the same time : 1. Youtube, 2. Mp4, 3. Soundcloud, 4. Text. In addition, on MP4 option, you can use text part as well.

3.1 Youtube

  1. Access to Youtube and copy Link of any Video. EX :
  2. Then you just need to take ID behind equal sign. = It stands at the end of line. EX : iZpq8FjJr2E
  3. The last step, please copy ID code and Paste it into Youtube box in admin.

3.2 Mp4

YOUR STORE > Settings > File > Upload > Copy link file Mp4

Then, please copy URL and then paste it into box Mp4 at admin.

3.3 Soundcloud

  1. Accessing to Soundcloud and listening any song.
  2. Then press on button Share > tab Embed > Copying iframe in boxCode and preview
  3. EX : <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""> </iframe>
  4. Then you just need to Copy ID after the word tracks/ in attribute SRC . EX : 253784004
  5. Finally, please copy ID above and paste it into box Soundcloud in admin.

3.4 Text


We provide 10 different positions on Home Page. The main duty of each Position is loading 1 Shortcode to demonstrate the content on block content. What's more, you can edit the neccessary parameter for 1 block content, for instance : Full content, Class Suffix, Heading, Description, Text color, Heaing color, Background color, Background image, Parallax the Overlay with blurred effect. Configure Position

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Position 6

Position 7

Position 8

Position 9

Position 10

Presets Homepage

Currenly, in version 1.0 - We provide clients 6 Homepages, Homepage 1 is set as theme's default

To change Homepage on theme, please follow these instructions below:

  1. Open download package from ThemeForest
  2. Access to folder Content -> Presets Homepage -> Homepage 02
  3. Open file settings_data.json ( Notepad )
  4. Your Store -> Online Store -> Theme -> ... -> Edit HTML/CSS
  5. Search text settings_data
  6. open file settings_data.json ( Admin )
  7. Copy all texts in file at Step 3 then paste it into file admin atStep 6
  8. Save
  9. Done

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7


  1. Show Collections : Check - Will show all Collections item
  2. Show product in Collections : Check - Will show all Collections together with product

  1. Number of products to display : The quantity of displayed products.
  2. Select Column : The number of columns which product can be shown on 1 row.
  3. Product image size : Choosing product thumbnail size.
  4. Use Masonry layout : Check - layout will be displayed as type of Masonry, if remove "check" -> Then site will display column as Css type.
  5. Collection Sidebar : There are 3 options for choosing such as: Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar

Futhermore, you can edit Layout Sidebar for each Collection as you want.

Product item

On 1 item product at Collection page, you can turn on/ off all of their attributes : View, Addtocart, Wishlist, Title, Hotdeal, Rating, Desc

The Hotdeal function can be managed at tab Hotdeal, you can select product and set day/ time for them.

Product detail
  1. Detail Sidebar : There are 3 options for choosing such as: Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar
  2. Product image gallery style (product details view) : Choosing style to display all product images.
  3. Show quantity selector : Show input to enter the quantity of purchasing product when addtocart
  4. Show related products : Show related products
  5. Enable product reviews : For using this function, you need to install free App which is called Product Reviews, then you will use comment and rating
  6. Enable sharing : Using to share product link through social networks.

Price format

Page Login


Cart page

  • Theme Safari chúng tôi cung cấp cho bạn sidebar Left và sidebar Right
  • Bạn có thể dễ dàng load những module khác nhau vào sidebar và cho phép show ở bất cứ page nào bạn thích
  • Trên page bạn cũng có thể dễ dàng cho phép xuất hiện sidebar left hoặc right hoặc no sidebar
  • Bạn cũng có thể dễ dàng thay đổi width cho từng sidebar
  • Những page chúng tôi làm bao gồm có : collection - collection.list - product - blog - article.



  1. Number of posts to display : Editing the displayed posts
  2. Select column : Choosing the quantity of column
  3. Posts thumbnail size : Choosing size cho Thumbnail
  4. Blog Sidebar : Choosing 1 of 3 option to display Sidebar
  5. Use Masonry layout :Check - Using this function when you choosev the number of column above (from 2 to 6). At that time, layout will display as Masonry type.
1. Blog Layout

In addition, you can edit Layout Masonry for each Blog which you want.

2. Blog Sidebar

3. Post Video

Please watch video on Video or Youtube

  1. Video -> Share -> Embed -> Copy Iframe< /li>
  2. EX : <iframe src="" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  3. Posts detail -> Excerpt -> <> -> Paste Iframe

About US

PageAbout Us we provide 5 Positions, the management is the same with Homepage

Contact US


Once again thank you for purchasing one of our Theme.